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Parents and Family

Thanks for your interest in State Tech. Whether you are a “first-timer” or an experienced college parent; if you live across town or across the country; wherever you find yourself and whatever your circumstances, you are a valuable member of the State Tech family.

Why State Tech?

State Tech is Missouri’s Premier Technical College, where we are proud to be known as “The Employers’ Choice.” In 2019 WalletHub ranked State Tech the best college in the county! In August of 2018, Forbes ranked State Tech 3rd among 2-year colleges in the United States. Finally, the Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported that State Tech had the 4th best graduation rate of 2-year colleges in the country.  State Tech’s importance to the state of Missouri cannot be overstated, as the placement rate for State Tech graduates has averaged 97% over the past decade. Career readiness requires both knowledge and skills. Career and Technical Education (CTE) not only teaches skills specific for career fields, it also teaches skills for life.

“Employers love State Tech graduates because they have all the traits they are looking for. Those include communication skills, technical skills and critical thinking skills. One thing we are proud of is our national rankings. One of my favorites is from Zippa.com. Zippa named us the best college in Missouri for getting students jobs. So why wouldn’t you want to come to State Tech?” said State Tech President Dr. Shawn Strong.

What sets us apart?

What sets our college apart from traditional colleges and universities is that our programs focus on hands-on education. Instead of spending all of your time in a lecture hall, at State Tech you will spend your time doing hands-on work in the lab and through internships that prepares you for rapid entry into in-demand technical careers. As a technical college, our programs take three months to two years to complete, which means you can get into the workforce faster.

State Technical College of Missouri offers programs that are tied directly to careers available today and that will be in-demand tomorrow. If your son or daughter plans to prepare for successful entry into a career, the education we offer is of the highest quality.  One of the reasons we have risen in the ranks of a top 2-year college in the United States is our instructors. They take an interest in the success of our students, and bring a wealth of academic and career-related experience to the classroom.

Students Develop Employable Skills

State Tech students are significantly more likely than their non-CTE counterparts to have developed problem-solving, project completion, research, work-related, communication, time-management, and critical thinking skills that employers are looking for in their employees.

Higher than the Average Salary

According to the federal government’s college scorecard the average salary of a State Tech graduate is higher than the average salary of the regional 4 year public universities 10 years after graduation.

Wealth of Opportunities for Your Child

State Tech offers a wealth of opportunities for your child, both in the classroom and through our extensive co-curricular program. Sometimes the sifting through all that information can be overwhelming. State Tech is here to support you and to help you stay connected to your student as you journey with them through their college experience.

State Tech Students are More Likely to Graduate

State Technical College of Missouri has the 4th best graduation rate among 2-year colleges according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

More Than 50 Labs Across Campus

State Tech has more than 50 labs across campus, including: computer labs, golf greens, machine shops, an aviation hangar, automotive service bays, and health science labs. This is where State Tech excels, providing our students with a hands-on education that you can’t get anywhere else.

From the Classroom to Your Career.

We are the Employers’ Choice. We are State Tech!

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