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Update on the Fall of 2020

Published on June 11, 2020

State Tech Building Elasticity into the Fall Schedule.

With many colleges across the state looking into more online courses this fall, the State Technical College of Missouri is taking steps to assure that students will complete the fall of 2020 semester on campus.

State Tech will build three “flex weeks” into the fall schedule. If none of the flex weeks are used most programs will end the regular semester the day before Thanksgiving on Nov. 25th.

“While we don’t expect to have to close campus as a result of Covid-19 this flexible schedule will allow us to close a program or the campus for a short period of time without losing valuable hands-on education,” said President Shawn Strong.

The plan, still being developed, means State Tech will look at a variety of strategies to ensure that the hands-on class time students receive will NOT be reduced.  Strategies could include eliminating non-instructional days, extending class periods, or additional evening or Saturday labs. Most State Tech programs use a cohort model, meaning students in a particular program take all of the same classes together.  This cohort model makes social distancing, contact tracing, and even cleaning fairly straight forward compared to other colleges.

Due to COVID-19, State Tech moved to remote learning to finish out the spring semester. Remote or online education isn’t an ideal alternative for the first class hands-on education students get at State Tech.

“On May 30th, we were able to have one of the first in-person graduations in the country. The same characteristics that allowed us to have an in-person graduation are the same reasons we will be on-campus this fall. Our location, size, and delivery methods help ensure we can provide a safe environment for our students,” said President Strong.

State Tech is currently in the middle of their summer semester with the fall semester scheduled to begin the week of August 24th, 2020.

For additional information, please contact Brandon McElwain at 573-897-5351 or by email brandon.mcelwain@statetechmo.edu

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