State Technical College of Missouri is committed to providing access to everyone who can benefit from a program of higher education. The costs of attending State Technical College of Missouri and Financial Aid options are outlined here.

Costs are incurred on the date of registration.  Failure to complete appropriate paperwork for withdrawals may result in a financial obligation to the college.

For further assistance contact the Financial Services Coordinator at 573-897-5121 located in the Information Technology Center at the Cashier window.


Tuition is determined by the student’s residency classification, the number of semester hours of enrollment, method of delivery, and program.  Financial Aid is available.


In-State Resident $175.25/credit hr
Non-Resident $350.50/credit hr
Heavy Equipment Operations In-State Resident $295.25/credit hr
Heavy Equipment Operations Non-Resident $590.50/credit hr
Web-based Courses $175.25/credit hr
Non-Resident Web-based Course $350.50credit hr
Welding Technology In State Resident $295.25/credit hr
Welding Technology Non-Resident $590.50/credit hr


Fees are determined by the number of semester hours of enrollment, method of delivery, and program. Funds from fees help support program expenses associated with equipment, material, supplies, technical assessment, student activities and support services.

State Technical College of Missouri drug screens students in Industrial Electricity, Aviation Maintenance, any program requiring a commercial driver’s license, and programs that require clinical work. Drug screening fees are charged to students in these programs who are newly classified as degree or certificate seeking, and degree or certificate seeking students returning after one or more semesters of non-enrollment.


Tier and Technical Assessment Fees Varies
Program Specific Costs Varies
Meal Plan Varies
Housing Varies
Advanced Technology Fee $5.00/credit hr
Course/Laboratory Fee $15.00/credit hr
Math Fee (Math 115 and above) $100.00
Parking Fee $2.00/credit hr
Self-paced Math (SPM) class Fee $90.00/SPM class*
*This is a non-credit preparatory math class fee.
Student Activity Fee $13.00/credit hr
Student Government Association Fee $1.00/credit hr
Drug Screen Fees $50.00 first semester
Commencement Fee $50.00 first semester

Additional fees may apply to web-based courses and/or other methods of delivery – please contact Financial Services Coordinator for details.