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Summer Deans List

Published on September 18, 2019

State Technical College of Missouri would like to congratulate students who are eligible for the Dean’s List for the 2019 summer semester.

To be placed on the Dean’s List, a full-time student must earn a semester grade point average between 3.5 and 4.0 on a 4-point scale.

Bennett             Alexander           
Grant               Amsden              
Jarrett             Ballard             
Michelle            Barnhart            
Kyle                Bartlett            
Xavier              Battle              
Broc                Bennett             
Eric                Biggs               
Kaleb               Bisges              
Kody                Bisges              
Melany              Boehmer             
Zachary             Bond                
Kyle                Brautigam           
Joshua              Brislane            
Dakota              Bullock             
Makayla             Buscher             
Christopher         Collins             
Max                 Crewse              
Cole                Czarnecki           
Madison             Day                 
Chandler            Doughten            
Dakota              Duffey              
Layne               Duncan              
Noelle              Durk                
Jason               Echternacht         
Austin              Edwards             
Alaina              Elkins              
Hunter              Emanuel             
Troy                Emmons              
Jayce               England             
Brant               Ensor               
Kiel                Fejarang            
Garrett             Fisher              
Jonathan            Fleer               
Maiah               Hake                
Grifen              Hall                
Andrew              Hamilton            
Austin              Hansen              
Levi                Haskamp             
Reagan              Hauert              
Matthew             Haupt               
Tyler               Hayden              
Travis              Herr                
Morgan              Heyer               
Sydney              Hiller              
Max                 Hughes              
Cody                Irvin               
Colton              Isgrig              
Bryson              Jackson             
Katelyn             Jepsen              
Jessica             Kahan               
Taylore             Keeney              
Jack                Kluender            
Taylor              Knepp               
Courtland           Knipp               
Derick              Krones              
Sean                Langton II          
Baylee              Lester              
Robert              Lewis               
Cody                Limbach             
Irene               Lindberg            
Justus              Love                
Nickolas            Magers              
Simon               Maize               
Austin              Martin              
Hannah              Martin              
Hunter              McAllister          
Nicholas            McCallister         
James               McCuskey            
Eugene              Meisel              
Alexander           Meisenheimer        
Destiny             Musgrove            
Alexis              Musket              
Johnathen           ONeal               
Austin              Oswald              
Brendan             Owsley              
Chyann              Pate                
Dylan               Patton              
Jeffrey             Perkins             
Christopher         Perry               
Andrew              Pfantz              
Cameron             Pickman             
Derek               Pippins             
Ellie               Redel Sharisin      
Abel                Rehmert             
Matthew             Rellergert          
Nathanael           Richman             
Shannon             Richnak             
Jed                 Roberts             
Levi                Roth                
Cole                Rothschild          
Kalab               Schoonover          
Kallie              Schumann            
Lindsay             Seams               
Samantha            Seeley              
Canaan              Silcox              
Logan               Sorensen            
Aidan               Stark               
Carson              Stephens            
Taylor              Stockman            
Blake               Taylor              
Cayden              Taylor              
Landon              Terry               
Nikolas             Trenary             
Andrew              Tuggle              
Aleigha             Turner              
John                Utley               
Justin              Viles               
Brandon             Vincent             
Kail                Walther             
Tylor               West                
Hannah              Wieligman           
Megan               Wiggins             
Fletcher            Williams            
Abraham             Wilmes              
Ryan                Wilson              
Kyle                Wittmuss            
Taylor              Woodward            
Hunter              Wyss                
Andrew              Young               

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