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State Tech Dean’s List Summer of 2018

Published on October 3, 2018

A big State Tech Congrats to the following students who appear on the State Tech Dean’s List for the summer 2018 semester.

Ryan Achter
Spencer Ainsworth
Dylan Anderson
Dalton Anstine
Seth Arflack
Gordon Atkins
Caleb Barks
Adam Bennett
Brandon Bert
Rhett Bird
Cole Bisch
Elijah Bledsoe
Andrew Boessen
Cali Boessen
Karen Bracamontes
Dalton Brissette
Tanner Buck
Olivia Buechter
Joshua Buerck
Gentry Buzzard
Dalton Christian
Hannah Conley
Chase Cook
Andrew Cornett
Cody Cotner
Rachel Craig
Jillian Current
Jill Dennis
Dane Derksen
Madison Dreste
Brandon Drum
Dominick Dunn
Joe Eads
Rhiannon Edler
Dalton Edwards
Hannah Eisterhold
Jackson Evans
Layne Fries
Nicholas Fry
Christian Hackman
Zachary Hallowell
Catherine Hayworth
Gregory Headrick
Nicole Henley
Joshua Hillebrand
Timothy Hoffman
Travis Hogle
Joshua Holtschneider
Joseph Howdeshell
Dean Isgrigg
Grover Johnson
Travis Johnson
Abigail Kassing
Wyatt Kent
Jayden Kniffen-McDonald
Nicholas Kucsik
Kenley Lance
Brandon Lefholz
Autumn Lindsay
Dalton Lister
Camela Littlepage
Austin Loveall
James McPherson
Cole Melton
Lisa Menne
Tyler Mitchell
Jeremy Mudd
Cesar Olivares
Jesse Peters
Madison Pfahl
Benjamin Pigue
Kit Plummer
Caleb Prettyman
Adam Proffer
Amanda Raaf
Trenton Randazzo
Aaron Randolph
Lauren Renner
Nicole Roach
Ethan Roberts
David Robinson
Jack Rogers
Sydney Rothbard
Kristofer Ruddell
Brooke Scheulen
Craig Schluss
Anna Schmid
Alexander Schulte
Gary Schumacher
Ryan Schumacher
Gabriel See
Murrell Shockley
Matthew Simmons
Derek Smith
Shannon Smith
Alexandria Sodari
Lucas Sproull
Nathan Stearns
Jacob Stratton
Vincent Suchowski
Lance Thomas
Aden Triplett
John Van-Alst
Justin VanBlarcum
Jarrad Verdier
Anna Wawrzyniak
Kale Webber
Alison Wieberg
John Woods

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