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2017 Tool Lists

Date Updated
File Type
33-D Visualization & Animation 3-30-2017 PDF

Action Skills

2/28/2017 PDF
Advertising Design 4/3/2017 PDF
Architectural Drafting 2/24/2017 PDF
Audio Production 2/6/2017 PDF
Automated Manufacturing Contest 2/16/2017 PDF
Automotive Refinishing Technology 2/24/2017 PDF

Automotive Service Technology

2/6/2017 PDF
Basic Health Care Skills 2/6/2017 PDF
Broadcast News Production 2/6/2017 PDF
        *News Articles-2017 4/6/2017 PDF
Building Repair Technology 2/6/2017 PDF


2/6/2017 PDF
Career Pathways Showcases 2/24/2017 PDF
Carpentry 1/25/2017 PDF
Chapter Business Procedure  3/30/2017 PDF
Chapter Display PDF
CNC Milling Specialist  3/20/2017 PDF
CNC Technician Contest 2/16/2017 PDF
CNC Turning Specialist 3/20/2017 PDF
Collision Repair Technology***UPDATED*** 3/7/2017 PDF
Commercial Baking Letter and Tool List 2/9/2017 PDF
      *Commercial Baking Formulas 2/9/2017 PDF
Community Service Tool 2/6/2017 PDF
Computer Programming 2/6/2017 PDF
Cosmetology 1/27/2017 PDF
        *Cosmetology Overview 3/20/2017 PDF
        *Cosmetology Schedule 3/20/2017 PDF
        * Contest Description-Additional Information  3/20/2017 PDF
        * Womens Long 3/20/2017 PDF
        * Womens Short 3/20/2017 PDF
Creative Instructional Bulletin Board 2/28/2017 PDF
Crime Scene Investigation 1/25/2017 PDF
Criminal Justice 2/6/2017 PDF
Culinary Contest PDF
       *Post-Secondary 2017 Culinary Contest 3/8/2017 PDF
       *Culinary Questions and Answers Set 1 3/30/2017 PDF
       *Culinary Questions and Answers Set 2 4/3/2017 PDF
       *CACC 172 Culinary List of Equipment 3/8/2017 PDF
       *Secondary Culinary Arts ***UPDATED*** 3/30/2017 PDF
       *Culinary Common Table Ingredients 3/8/2017 PDF
       *Culinary Mystery Basket List (Post-Secondary) 3/8/2017 PDF
       *RBHS 102 Culinary List of Equipment  3/6/2017 PDF
Customer Service***UPDATED***  3/10/2017 PDF
       *Customer Service Information Packet  3/21/2017 PDF
       *KMS Informaton  3/21/2017 PDF
       *KMS Description  3/21/2017 PDF
       *KMS Brochure  3/21/2017 PDF
       *KMS Sales Letter  3/21/2017 PDF
Diesel Equipment  2/6/2017 PDF
Digital Cinema Production***UPDATED***  3/21/2017 PDF
Early Childhood Education  2/24/2017 PDF
Electrical Construction Wiring  2/6/2017 PDF
Electronics Technology  2/24/2017 PDF
Employment Application Process  2/6/2017 PDF
Engineering Technology  2/9/2017 PDF
Entrepreneurship  2/28/2017 PDF
Esthetics  1/27/2017 PDF
        *Contest Description 3/20/2017 PDF
        *Contest Schedule 3/20/2017 PDF
Fire Fighting 2/28/2017 PDF
Extemporaneous Speaking  3/30/2017 PDF
First Aid & CPR 2/6/2017 PDF
Graphic Imaging Sublimation 3/30/2017 PDF
HVAC 2/6/2017 PDF
Health Knowledge Bowl 2/9/2017 PDF
Health Occupations Professional Portfolio 2/28/2017 PDF
Humanoid Robotics PDF
Industrial Motor Controls PDF
Information Technology Services 2/6/2017 PDF
Informational Craft Bulletin Board
(formerly Promotional Bulletin Arts)
 3/20/2017 PDF
Interactive Application Video Game***UPDATE*** 3/30/2017 PDF
Internetworking TL 2/6/2017 PDF
Job Interview 1/25/2017 PDF
Job Skill Demo A 2/24/2017 PDF
Job Skill Demo Open 2/24/2017 PDF
Leadership Essay 2/24/2017 PDF
Masonry 2/6/2017 PDF
Mechatronics PDF
Medical Math 2/28/2017 PDF
Mobile Electronics Installation  2/24/2017 PDF
Mobile Robotic Technology PDF
Motorcyle Service Technology 2/24/2017 PDF
Nail Care 1/27/2017 PDF
       *Nail Care Descriptions 3/20/2017 PDF
        *Contest Schedule 3/20/2017 PDF
Nurse Assisting 2/6/2017 PDF
Opening Closing Ceremonies 3/20/2017 PDF
Outstanding Chapter PDF
Photography 2/16/2017 PDF
Pin Design 4/3/2017 PDF
Plumbing 2/6/2017 PDF
Power Equipment Technology 2/6/2017 PDF
Practical Nursing 2/28/2017 PDF
Prepared Speech 2/28/2017 PDF
Promotional Bulletin Board 1/25/2017 PDF
Related Technical Math 1/25/2017 PDF
Restaurant Service
          *Task and Material List 2/9/2017 PDF
          *PLACE SETTING 2017
2/9/2017 PDF
          *State Menu
2/9/2017 PDF
2/9/2017 PDF
3/23/2017 PDF
2/28/2017 PDF
Sheet Metal 2/6/2017 PDF
Quiz Bowl 2/24/2017 PDF
T Shirt Design 4/3/2017 PDF
Team Works 2/6/2017 PDF
         *Teamworks Contest Drawings 4/6/2017 PDF
         *TeamWorks Pre-Test 4/6/2017 PDF
Technical Computer Applications 2/28/2017 PDF
Technical Drafting 1/25/2017 PDF
Telecommunications Cabling 2/24/2017 PDF
Television Video Production***UPDATED*** 3/27/2017 PDF
Vinyl Sign Making 1/25/2017 PDF
Web Design 2/24/2017 PDF
Welding 2/6/2017 PDF
Welding Fabrication***UPDATED*** 4/3/2017 PDF
Welding Sculpture 2/24/2017 PDF