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Request For Proposal/Qualification Guidelines

Purchases or contractual agreements totaling  $100,000 or more with the exception of items with a unit cost that exceeds $100,000 which will only require 3 written bids or a design build proposal accomplished through bid invitation, shall be solicited as bids by reasonable  methods generally available to the public. Solicitation of services shall be accomplished through a request for qualification (RFQ).  RFQ’s for major service contracts shall be completed within reasonable frequency and can be completed through the same means as requests for proposals or through bid invitation.  The bids must be advertised at a minimum through an electronic medium and/or publication available to the general public for at least one day, five calendar days before the bids for such purchases are to be opened.  The requirement for advertising may be waived under certain circumstances upon approval of the President or Vice President of Finance.  Emergency procurement shall be made by waiving the requirement of competitive bids when there exists a threat to life, property, public health or public safety, when immediate expenditure is necessary for repairs to state property in order to protect against further loss of or damage to state property, to prevent or minimize serious disruption in state services, or to ensure the integrity of state records.  Procurement for emergency situations shall be made with as much competition as is practicable under the circumstances.  Per FEMA guidelines, purchases made under this provision should be completed within 70 business hours of the emergency event.  When emergency procurement procedures are utilized, a brief written justification shall be provided.



Responsible administrator or office: Business Office

Contact person in that office: Jenny Jacobs


January 2022

Approved by President: January 2022

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