Program Specific Costs

Books, Supplies, Tools Contact the Bookstore
Automotive Collision Technology ICAR $175.00/semester
Automotive Collision Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester
Automotive Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester
Automotive Technology- Ford MLR Seminar $200.00
CDL Fee $500.00/CDL course
Civil Engineering Technology CPR/OSHA CVT130 $55.00/course fee
Commercial Turf and Grounds Management CPR CTG206 $30.00/course fee
Commercial Turf and Grounds Management Spanish Seminar $170.00
Commercial Turf and Grounds Management TEST CTG105 $110.00/course fee
Electrical Distribution Systems CPR EDS125 $30.00/course fee
Electrical Distribution Systems OSHA 10 EDS120 $25.00/course fee
Electronics Engineering Technology Basic Computer Kit $750.00
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester
Industrial Electricity CPR/OSHA 10 IEL125 $55.00/course fee
Medical Radiology Technology Curriculum Review MRT280 $110.00/course fee
Medium/Heavy Truck Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester
Outdoor Power & Sports Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester
Precision Machining Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester
Precision Machining Technology CPR-PMT225 $30.00 course fee
Precision Machining Technology Solid Professor-PMT240 $85.00 course fee
Welding Technology OSHA 10 WLT100 $25.00/course fee
Welding Technology Uniform Rental $165.00/semester