Did you know that Nuclear Energy accounts for 20% of the electrical power produced in the United States?  Did you know working in a Nuclear Plant pays extremely well?

The average starting salary of a State Tech two-year Nuclear Technology graduate is better than $50,000!

While there may be a perception that the nuclear industry is not growing in the United States, the nuclear plants we do have will be running for decades.  As a result of an aging workforce (because nuclear jobs pay so well few employees quit) the job prospects as a result of retirements will continue to grow.

With so few Nuclear Technology programs in the United States our graduates are highly sought to work in one of 99 nuclear power plants or reactors in the U.S.  You could be in the unique position of securing a highly desired job.

Concerned about your safety working in a nuclear plant? Don't be, according to studies by the World Nuclear Association, government regulations and safety factors that are required when working with nuclear power makes it extremely safe.

This hands-on program equips students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to work in fields that require vital nuclear technology applications. You will learn from instructors who have worked in the field. Beyond the classroom, Students gain real-world experience through paid internships with potential employers. As a graduate you will be prepared to earn a National Academy for Nuclear Training certificate.  With input from industry advisors, the curriculum is updated annually to include the latest trends and technologies.

Students who pursue the Nuclear Technology degree can choose between two specialty options:

  • Radiation Protection
  • Reactor Operations


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If you are detailed oriented, willing to locate to a region with a nuclear plant, and interested in a high paying career check out the  application requirements and apply today

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