Did you know that when the power goes out in a hospital you have 10 seconds or less to get the power back on? Uninterrupted power is something we take for granted but we all depend on it.  Graduates of this program make sure the lights stay on.

The only program of its kind in Missouri, the Electric Power Generation Technology (EPG) program challenges you to think critically and diagnose, service, and repair power generation equipment. This high-tech, hands-on curriculum prepares you to enter and excel in the field of generating and managing power.

Demand for EPG technicians is driven by society’s significant dependence on electric power. Backup power is found everywhere from medical facilities, cell phone towers, most large businesses, and even our homes. Generators are also used to provide temporary power to places like boats and RVs, construction sites, movie sets, and oil fields. In addition to traditional power sources, you will learn about alternative power and fuel sources.

The highly-specialized EPG program provides those who already have a degree or industry experience in a mechanical, electrical, or electronic field, with the opportunity to earn a certificate or additional degree in one full-time summer. Yes, you can finish this degree in just a summer if you are completing one of our other related degrees!  With input from industry advisors, the curriculum is updated annually to include the latest trends and technologies.

Should you choose not to pursue a Associates in Electric Power Generation Technology can pursue a certificate in:

  • Electric Power Generation Technology One-Semester Certificate

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If you are mechanically inclined, have an interest in electricity, and want to add another valuable credential to another State Tech degree check out this program’s application requirements.

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