Your smart phone, the car you drive, a new appliance, even light bulbs all contain electronics! While you may not fix a lightbulb, think about a multi million dollar avionics system, a robot, or a stoplight!

If that sounds interesting to you, then check out State Tech's Electronics Engineering Technology program.

As an Electronics Engineering Technologist you will be recruited by companies from all over the country looking for students in one of the best electronics programs in the country. 

You will be prepared to build and maintain the electronic circuits that drive our modern-day existence. You will actually build circuits, computers, and program robots. This and other real-world applications will give you the knowledge and skills you need to install, troubleshoot, and service electronic systems.

We assume you don’t know the difference between AC or DC, parallel or series circuits, and through a broad curriculum, quickly advance through digital systems that are used everywhere.

You also have the opportunity to earn industry recognized certifications from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, which gives you an additional career opportunity.

You can choose between the general option for an in-depth study of advanced electronic topics and the Biomedical Engineering Technology option for those interested in working in healthcare technologies.

You can also pursue a certificate in Biomedical Equipment Technology.

Click here for curriculum and class descriptions.

If you like the idea of installing or repairing complex technical systems, you will want to take a look at this program’s application requirements.

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