Business – Technical Specialty

Want to own your own company? Already have a technical degree or coursework, or maybe you think having a strong business background would be a good addition to your technical degree?  If any of these apply to you our Business Administration- Technical Specialty Option at State Tech may be for you!

An understanding of business principles is incredibly important regardless of what role you play in your company.  The ultimate goal of any company is to make a profit, by understanding business principles you can better contribute to your company’s bottom line and be a more valuable employee.  If your goal is to move into management or own your own company understanding personnel management, accounting principles, taxation, and marketing will be a necessity.  This program will help you meet your management or company ownership goals.

We work with leading businesses to make sure you are learning about the most recent trends and technologies in business with our annually updated curriculum. Our program provides a solid foundation in information systems, office and project management, accounting, and analytical and communication skills.

If you would choose to continue your education, students can seamlessly transfer credits to pursue a baccalaureate degree at Central Methodist,Grantham, or several other universities. Transferring may be a great low-cost option if you are graduating from a Missouri A+ school.

If you don’t wish to complete a technical specialty your can choose between the option or general or accounting specialty options:

  • General
  • Accounting

We also have a have a certificate option if you are not interested in a degree:

  • Business Administration

Click here for curriculum and class descriptions.

If you think management or business ownership is in your future then check our these  application requirements. If you are working on any of State Tech’s AAS degrees you can complete an AAS in Business Administration in just one more year!


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