EMS  110

Mathematics for Metalworking.  A study of the material which enables the student to gain an intensive, practical, working knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.  This class will include challenges of solving comprehensive problems relevant to precision custom manufacturing that are similar to what will be encountered in the work environment.
3 credit hours.


EMS  120

Trigonometry for Industrial Electricity.  Topics covered include solution of right and oblique triangle trigonometry; sinusoidal curves; alternating current and phase angles; complex numbers and phasors; and applications to series, parallel and series-parallel AC circuits.
Prerequisite:  Satisfactory placement score or MAT 051 or MAT 054 with a grade of “C” or better or SPM 050 with a passing grade.
3 credit hours.


EMS 246

Statics.  Selected topics from trigonometry, force vectors, components, moments of forces, equilibrium, and parallel force systems, concurrent and non-concurrent force systems both coplanar and non-coplanar are covered.  Stress in trusses by method of joints, sections, and pins will be analyzed.
Prerequisites:  MAT 121 or CVT 140 and MAT 071 with a grade of “C” or better.
5 credit hours.


EMS 247

Strength of Materials.  Topics covered include calculation of stress and deformation caused by tension, compression, shear, temperature, torsion, bending and buckling loads.  Results of these calculations are used to select appropriate structural members to support designated loads.
Prerequisite:  EMS 246.
5 credit hours.


EMS 299

Special Topics in Engineering/Mathematics/Science. Topics covered in other EMS courses may also be covered in more depth in this special topics course. Projects may be undertaken in any area related to the major program with credit hours determined by the level and amount of involvement. The minimum involvement required for one credit is 30 contact hours. The specific topic(s), objectives, plan of instruction, and evaluation criteria must be documented in the syllabus; approved by the Department/Division Chair; and filed in the Academic Records Office. Students may complete more than one Special Topics course, provided that the credits earned in this manner do not exceed a total of four (4) credits.
1-4 credit hours.


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