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Business Technical Specialty

Business Technical Specialty

Managing or owning a business is a big challenge. But totally worth it. There are a lot of things you have to do and do well, and our Business Administration – Technical Specialty option will help you mold yourself into a business-building beast. 

Beginning with a foundation of understanding business principles, this program covers personnel management, accounting principles, taxation, and marketing — all of which are incredibly important, regardless of what role you play in a company.

By working with leading businesses, we make sure you’ll learn about the most recent trends and technologies in business. And if you choose to continue your education, credits can be seamlessly transferred toward a baccalaureate degree at Central Methodist, Grantham, or several other universities. This can be a great low-cost option if you’re graduating from a Missouri A+ school. 

If you don’t wish to complete a technical specialty, you can choose between a general or accounting option. You can also pursue a certificate in Business Administration if you’re not interested in a degree.

Program Facts

59 K
FROM 2019
89 %
SINCE 2011

Truly hands-on education

We believe time-on-task has to be part of your education. That means time spent learning from experienced instructors in real-world environments and real-world situations. That’s why the State Tech campus is home to more than 50 labs, an automotive bay, aviation hangar, and 40+ acres of land dedicated to our heavy equipment operations program.

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