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Automation & Robotics Technology

Automation & Robotics Technology

The robots are coming! Ok, really they’re already here, being used all over the place in just about every industry you can imagine. Which makes it a booming area with lots of in-demand careers.

The rise of robotics and automation means there’s a growing need for people skilled in programming, building, and maintaining them. Our Automation and Robotics program will prepare you with hands-on education working with devices such as robots, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motion controls, vision devices, as well as industrial wiring and mechanical and fluid power transmission. 

The curriculum is developed with guidance from experts in the industry and includes the latest trends and technologies, taught by instructors with real-world experience. This program includes opportunities for paid internships with potential employers and will help ensure that you’ll be in-demand for a competitively paid career.

Program Facts

56 K
FROM 2019

Truly hands-on education

We believe time-on-task has to be part of your education. That means time spent learning from experienced instructors in real-world environments and real-world situations. That’s why the State Tech campus is home to more than 50 labs, an automotive bay, aviation hangar, and 40+ acres of land dedicated to our heavy equipment operations program.

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