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Associate of Science

Associate of Science – Business

Some of our programs help you hit the ground running when you transfer to earn your bachelor’s degree at another school. This program will help you hit your next campus at a full out sprint! 

Whether you’re planning to earn a bachelor’s degree in business or other subjects, our Associate of Science in Business program is a powerful kick start for whatever comes next. Designed to help students who are planning to complete a two-year transfer degree, the curriculum satisfies the requirements of Missouri’s Core 42 Curriculum to substitute for the general education requirement at the school where you’ll earn your bachelor’s degree, pending approval. This helps make the transition to your next degree easy and gets you moving quickly along your career path.

Truly hands-on education

We believe time-on-task has to be part of your education. That means time spent learning from experienced instructors in real-world environments and real-world situations. That’s why the State Tech campus is home to more than 50 labs, an automotive bay, aviation hangar, and 40+ acres of land dedicated to our heavy equipment operations program.

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