Out-of-State Scholarship

Out-of-State Students

State Tech has a new scholarship to grant in-state tuition to new students!  The new scholarship is available to students who meet State Tech’s automatic Admissions requirements.

This award is available to first-time incoming students.  Full-time, degree seeking students who meet State Tech’s automatic Admissions requirements will be eligible for the Out of State Scholarship award.  This scholarship awards up to $2,000 per semester for up to five consecutive semesters to any eligible students without Missouri resident status (award renewal requires 3.0 GPA).  Students are eligible for only either an institutional out-of-state scholarship or a tuition waiver, they cannot be combined. Outside funding available to the student will take precedence over any institutional scholarships and tuition waivers. Nuclear Technology Majors are not eligible for the Institutional out-of-state scholarship, however, Nuclear Technology Majors are eligible for a $650 out-of-state tuition waiver and may apply for the NRC Grant Scholarship.

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Our admissions representatives are here to assist you throughout the admissions process. If you have any questions about your application including testinghousingfinancial aid or registration, we are here to help.