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About the Course:

This course is designed to prepare technicians in the fundamental principles of optics, electro-optics, lasers, and fiber optics, as well as expand their skills within the laser/photonics industry.  Course scheduling includes a hybrid educational model, with online course content in the form of videos, bookwork, assignments and tests, as well as an immersive capstone laboratory experience at the campus of State Technical College of Missouri, in Linn, MO.

The duration of the course’s online content, as well as the dates for the capstone laboratory experience are determined in an agreement between the employer and the instructor, with the entire tenure of the course not exceeding 12 weeks’ time.

The Fundamentals of Light and Lasers textbook used in this course consists of six modules:

Module 1: Nature and Properties of Light

Module 2: Optical Handling and Positioning

Module 3: Light Sources and Laser Safety

Module 4: Basic Geometric Optics

Module 5: Basic Physical Optics

Module 6: Principles of Lasers

This course is taught on a pass/fail basis. There are six EOM (End of Module) tests. Participants must earn a grade of 70% or higher to pass an EOM test. To earn an OP-TEC Certificate of Completion, and be eligible to attend the optional capstone laboratory experience, participants must pass all End–of-Module tests by the due date assigned by instructor.

EOM Test 1 EOM Test 2 EOM Test 3 EOM Test 4 EOM Test 5 EOM Test 6 Final Grade
70% 70% 70% 70% 70% 70% Pass

OP-TEC will award a certificate of completion to all successful completers of this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, a participant should be able to:

  1.  Describe the nature and properties of light

2.  Handle and properly position optical elements

3.  Describe a variety of man-made light sources

4.  Describe the relationship between light rays and wave fronts

5.  Operate safely low and high power lasers

6.  Describe the properties of basic geometrical optics

7.  Explain how light is polarized

8.  Describe the properties of basic physical optics

9.  Differentiate between spontaneous and stimulated radiation

10.  Explain the mechanism of coherent light generation

11.  Communicate with clarity and precision

12.  Make use of technology to organize, acquire, and convey information

Math Assistance

To understand the photonics concepts in this course, participants should have a basic understanding of Algebra and Trigonometry. Assignments include viewing math videos accessed via the Math Videos Module in the online course. The Math Videos Module contains instructional videos on 11 of the most important math concepts used.

Course Structure/Schedule

All online work will involve the presentation of theory and applications related to photonic phenomenon followed by a Three-Day Capstone Laboratory Experience.  There is no set schedule for completing specific assignments or modules in the online portion of this course. The course is self-paced. The only time requirement is that participants must pass all six End-of-Module Tests by the due date assigned by instructor.

 This course also includes a Three-Day Laboratory Capstone Experience that allows participants to perform a number of designated laboratories presented in the Fundamentals of Light and Lasers course materials. The capstone will be held at State Technical College of Missouri. Participants will be responsible for all travel, food, and lodging costs associated with attending the capstone experience. Participants will be contacted by instructor for details regarding the dates and location of the capstone.

State Tech uses Moodle as it’s platform for online class content.  Participants will receive an introductory information packet, as well as an introductory email at the beginning of the course that will include instructions for accessing this course. The packet will also provide an explanation of the various features of the course and the function of its links.

Location Information

The Laboratory Capstone Experience is held in the Laser Lab in the Information Technology Center building on campus at State Tech.  State Tech is located in Linn, MO, which is a relatively small town 30 minutes East of Jefferson City.  Linn offers a few choices in lodging and dining, with historic Jefferson City only a short drive for much more variety.


The cost for the entire course is $1,100 per participant, which includes:

  • Entire Six-Module Course
  • Fundamentals of Light and Lasers Textbook
  • State Technical College of Missouri’s Online Platform Access
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Laboratory Access to Tools and Equipment
  • OP-TEC Certificate of Completion
  • Three-Day Laboratory Capstone Experience


For more information on the course, how to register and scheduling please contact Derek Brown below at derekl.brown@statetechmo.edu

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