Mission & Values

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The State Technical College of Missouri prepares students for profitable employment and a life of learning.


State Technical College of Missouri, as the premier public institution of technical education supporting economic development in the state of Missouri, is dedicated to serving the state’s diverse population. As a student-centered education community, the institution maximizes students’ learning potential by providing them with specialized knowledge in traditional and emerging technical areas as well as general knowledge that fosters a life of learning.


To fulfill our mission and to achieve our vision, State Technical College of Missouri values the following:

  • A common foundation of knowledge and understanding by supporting a strong
    general education core
  • Technical content that aligns with business and industry expectations for employment
  • Preparation for self-employment and entrepreneurship as well as preparation to work
    for an employer
  • Collaboration with business, industry, and other educational institutions to develop and
    strengthen partnerships and ensure a learning environment that adjusts to global
  • Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills through an appropriate mix
    of theory and application
  • Development and support of the educational, professional, and personal needs,
    interests, and capabilities of each student
  • An academic environment fostering continued growth, academic freedom, and
    professional development of faculty and staff through a life of learning
  • Continued improvement of student learning outcomes through assessment
  • Open communication and teamwork among students, faculty, and staff
  • Responsibility and leadership in service for the common good
  • Laboratories that demonstrate work environments
  • Class sizes to facilitate individual attention and promote safety
  • Ethical and professional behavior
  • Value integrity, respect, collaboration, excellence, and leadership
  • Appreciation and encouragement of diverse student, faculty, and staff populations
  • Responsiveness to the economic development needs of the state of Missouri