Foundation Board

The Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of dedicated professionals who help manage the many endowments, grants, scholarships and other gifts that are received.

Board of Directors

  • Tom Werdenhause, Chair
  • Sonya Brandt, 1st Vice Chair
  • Cyndy Schnieders, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Kevin Blansett
  • Kalen Brown
  • Mike Carroll
  • Glenda Dahlstrom
  • Natalie Newville
  • Chris Muenks
  • Matt Pritchard
  • Jeanne Sinquefield
  • Sara Snodderley
  • Chip Webb
  • Glenda Whitney


Ex-officio Members

  • Shawn Strong, President
  • Shannon Grus, Secretary
  • Jenny Jacobs, Treasurer


Emeritus Members

  • Thomas A. Dinkins, III
  • Jim Gallaher
  • Ken Lueckenotte
  • Terry Rehma


Legal Counsel

  • Kent Brown