Foundation Awards

The Foundation recognizes individuals, organizations, and foundations for their distinguished achievement, extraordinary service and leadership promoting the advancement of State Tech.

To nominate an individual, organization, or foundation for an award please complete the nomination form.

Awards Presented

Thurman L. Willett Leadership Award

Awarded to an individual for extraordinary leadership efforts promoting the advancement of State Technical College of Missouri.  A person of exceptional character demonstrating creative vision and innovation, which through his or her actions inspires others, brings distinction upon the college and elevates its image and stature in the public’s eye.

2011 Dewayne Rakes

2009 Tom Dinkins

2007 Jim Symmonds

2005 John A. Klebbba

2003 Mike Lybyer

James P. Symmonds Benevolence Award

Honors an individual, organization or foundation for their private contributions and voluntary efforts that demonstrate extraordinary generosity supporting the advancement of State Technical College of Missouri.

2009 Harry Snyder (posthumously), Beatrice Snyder Foundation

2007 NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction)

2005 Legends Bank

2003 Dinkins Family (Thomas Dinkins, Catherine Dinkins, Myla Rak)

President’s Awards of Distinction

Recognizes individuals or organizations for distinguished achievement or extraordinary service to State Technical College of Missouri. Three categories of recognition are provided:

Service to the College: Honors individuals or organizations for outstanding service that impacts the college in a very positive way.  The award recognizes extraordinary efforts made on the college’s behalf that contribute to its overall excellence.

2009 Chris Graham

2007 Don Gelven

2005 John Scheulen

2003 Legends Bank

Industry Partnerships: Honors organizations joining forces with the College to offer unique partnerships that significantly enhance the quality of instruction or that otherwise advance the mission, vision and purpose of State Technical College of Missouri.

2009 Exelon Generation

2007 Missouri Electric Cooperatives

2005 Square D Company

2003 Caterpillar Partnership (CAT Foundation, Fabick CAT, Dean Machinery)

Alumni Achievement: Honors alumnus/alumnae for exceptional achievement.  Individuals are honored for notable success in their career field, philanthropic or public service activity, service to the college and actions that serve to inspire others.

2012 John Branstetter

2009 Clarke Thomas

2007 Alan Volkart

2005 Keith Sutterer and Kurt Sutterer

2003 Bradley Wooten