Admissions Requirements

Using a combination of your GPA and your ACT and/or ACCUPLACER scores, a student may be admitted immediately into a program at State Tech.

(The scores and GPA listed below are for automatic admissions into most programs. All other applications will still go through an admissions process.)

ACT Math






ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra

63 or higher

Reading Comp.

81 or higher

Sentence Skills

85 or higher




18 or higher


81 or higher


70 or higher

GPA   3.0

(Results can not be older than 5 years from the date of the test)

The following programs have additional admissions requirements. Please click on the program name to review the additional requirements.
CAT Dealer Service Technician
Dental Assisting Technology
Electric Power Generation Technology
Electrical Distribution Systems
Heavy Equipment Operations
Heavy Equipment Technology
Medium/Heavy Truck Technology
Heartland International Dealers Association Option
Medical Radiologic Technology
Nuclear Technology
Physical Therapist Assistant
Practical Nursing Technoloy

Admissions Procedures

Every prospective student will work with an Admissions Representative and/or Enrollment Specialist.  This person works with the prospective student throughout the testing, application, and registration process.  He/she is the prospective student’s personal contact with the college and is available to assist the prospective student with his/her transition to college life.  Contact the Office of Admissions at 800-743-8324.  Prospective students may apply online.

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