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The college is committed to providing equal opportunities for students of special populations in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. State Technical College of Missouri does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap in admission/access to or treatment/ employment in its programs and activities. Any persons having inquiries concerning State Tech compliance with such regulations should contact the Vocational Resource Educator by phone at (573) 897-5110 or by mail at State Technical College of Missouri, One Technology Drive, Linn, MO 65051.

After graduation; the high school IEP ends and there is no mandated IEP at the college level. The student must self identify and provide appropriate and current documentation based on the college’s requirements. The college is not responsible for the cost of evaluations should they be necessary.

Students with special needs should contact the Clinical Counselor/Vocational Resource Educator (VRE) prior to the start of classes. The type of service made available is dependent upon documented expressed need. Students requiring special accommodations/considerations because of physical, emotional or learning disabilities must provide current documentation regarding his/her disability and specific accommodations needed prior to receiving any accommodations. Once received, the VRE may write an Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan with accommodations.  Prior arrangements must be made by an instructor for special arrangements for tests, assignments and/or special seating.

The VRE works closely with students, reviewing documentation and their requests for accommodations as well as encouraging them to take advantage of the accommodations available.  The College provides reasonable accommodations, but only if students disclose their disabilities and ask for accommodations.  That information is kept confidential and shared only with those who have a need to know.  At the college level; each student is considered an adult and must be aware that they are the only one who can activate their IEP/504 Plan.  No one else can do this for them including counselors or parents.  Additionally, accommodations are not automatically given; they must be documented and requested by the student.

State Tech does not exclude students with disabilities from any program or activity; but they must be able to perform the skills defined as essential to the program and related field of study.  If a student’s disability places him/her or another student in a potential unsafe situation, the College has the right to deny participation in some or all educational activities. Accordingly, if a student finds that his/her academic program is not accessible, information should be reported to the VRE or Department Chair.  As needs are reported, every effort is made to respond in a timely manner to make programs accessible.

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