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Membership Rates (effective February 1, 2012)

Although the 71,420 square foot facility is being built for primary use by students, it will be available to the public on a membership and user fee basis.

Three rates to choose from.

Membership Type

Monthly Rate
(Bank Draft)

Joining Fee
(Bank Draft)
Month to




$75* $57


Single Parent Family


$50* $47




$50* $45


Senior Couple


$50* $42


Senior Adult


$50* $35


Non-LSTC Student


$50* $40


Daily Guest Pass: $5.00 per person.

*One time fee, unless membership expires longer than thirty days. Sign a minimum one year contract and joining fee is waived.

LSTC Alumni receive 20% discount of membership fees. Discount does not apply to joining fee rates.

Summer Membership Rates

Corporate rates are also available.


Defined as two married persons and includes all dependent, immediate family living at home.  Immediate family will include children under 18 who are supported financially but who may not live in the home full time.  Immediate family may include dependent parents and grandparents living in the home, dependent full time college students under 25 years of age (with minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) and disabled family members living at home.  Otherwise, children 18 and over are not included.

Single Parent Family
: Defined as a household with one parent.  The membership includes family members as defined in the family membership.

Adult:  Defined as any individual person 18 years of age or older.

Senior Couple:  Defined as two married persons, one of whom must be over 55 years of age.

Senior Adult:  Defined as any individual person over 55 years of age.

Non-LSTC Student:  Defined as anyone enrolled in school full time or anyone under the age of 18.  College students must show proof of enrollment in 12 or more hours of college credit classes each semester.    

LSTC Student:  Defined as anyone enrolled at LSTC full time (12 or more hours).

LSTC Alum:  Defined as anyone who graduated from Linn Technical College or Linn State Technical College receives a 20% discount.

Corporate Rates:  A corporate wellness program can be as beneficial for the employers as it is for the employee.  Research has shown that companies can decrease health care costs, reduce absenteeism and boost productivity and moral, simply by helping employees improve their overall health.  Adding a corporate fitness program to your  benefits package can also help reduce turnover and increase recruitment potential.

For more information on how your business can benefit from this program, please call Aaron Grefrath at 573.897.5290.

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