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Welding Technology

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Welding is the most common way of permanently joining metal parts. In this process, heat is applied to metal pieces, melting and fusing them to form a permanent bond. Because of its strength, welding is used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and repair, aerospace applications, and thousands of other manufacturing activities. Welding also is used to join beams when constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, and refineries.

Accreditations and Certifications:
AWS SENSE Level I Entry Welder certification
AWS SENSE Level II Advanced Welder certification

Degree/Certificates Offered:
Associate of Applied Science
One-Year Certificate in Entry-Level Welding
One Semester Certificate in Basic Welding
One Semester Certificate in Advanced-Level Welding

Application Requirements
Early consideration deadline is December 5, 2014.
Candidates may submit applications after December 5, but those applications will not be given preference.

Gainful Employment Disclosure-Certificate Level: Welding Technology- One Year Certificate

Gainful Employment Disclosure-Certificate Level: Welding Technology- One Semester Certificate

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