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Medical Radiologic Technology

2013 Annual Program Completion rate:
100% (12/12 Completed/Enrolled students)
Source: Nichols Career Center data
5 Year (2009-2013) average Completion rate:
90% (61/68 Completed/Enrolled Students)
Source: Nichols Career Center data
5 Year (2009-2013) average Credentialing Exam Pass rate:
98% (60/61 Number pass over the number of first time examinees within 6 months of graduation)
Source: Nichols Career Center data

2009-2013 Job Placement rate:
89% (54/61 Number placed over the number of program graduates)
Source: Nichols Career Center data

US Department of Labor Wage Estimate
2012 Mean Annual Salary $50,080
Source: US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Wage Estimates Missouri 2012

Average Starting Salaries
(new program-no data available) 

Graduate Status
(new program-no data available)

Student Learning Outcomes 
Upon completion of the program the students should be able to:

Critical Thinking
Outcome #1a:  
Students will demonstrate the ability to adapt positioning according to patient needs and conditions.
Outcome #1b:


Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills by studying an ethical dilemma that pertains to healthcare and presenting possible solutions.

Outcome #2a:  
Students will demonstrate effective communication with other healthcare providers, patients, families and the community.
Outcome #2b:  
Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills through assigned coursework.

Clinical Competency
Outcome #3a:  
Students will demonstrate entry-level technical skills necessary to complete clinical competencies and assume a position as a registered radiologic technologist within the health care system.
Outcome #3b:  
Students will demonstrate skills necessary to provide proper radiation protection to self, patients, family members and other health care personnel and will follow radiation protection protocols.

Outcome #4a:  
Students will adhere to the job readiness/work ethics standards set forth by the college.
Outcome #4b:  
Students will understand the importance of ethics, professionalism, and professional organizations in regards to the radiologic technology profession.

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