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COM 125   Job Search Strategies.  This course is designed to help a student plan and organize a job search, compose job search documents, and demonstrate job-ready behaviors.  Topics include resumes, cover letters, references, job applications, interviews, and follow-up letters.  1 credit hour.

COM 030   Introductory English as a Second Language.  Basic English language for daily life in an American college; industry-related vocabulary, reading comprehension and pronunciation; giving directions and checking comprehension of instructions; present, past and future tenses, and modal verbs. 3 credit hours.

COM 035   Intermediate English as a Second Language.  Communicating detailed stories of the past or plans for the future; perfect and continuous tenses; colloquial expressions and phrasal verbs. 2 credit hours.

COM 050  Reading Fundamentals.  This course is for students who need to develop their reading skills.  Emphasis will be on phonics, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and fluency.  Prerequisite:  Appropriate placement score.  3 credit hours.

COM 070  Reading Improvement.  This course is for students who need to develop their reading skills for college and/or work.  To improve reading comprehension, emphasis will be placed on the identification of main ideas, relevant details, and organizational patterns.  Vocabulary development and reading rate will also be addressed.  Prerequisite:  Appropriate placement score or COM 050 with a grade of “C” or better.  3 credit hours.

COM 096  Introduction to Writing.  A developmental writing course for students who need to improve or brush up on writing skills before attempting college-level composition.  The course is designed to improve student skills in basic grammar, usage, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure.  This course is not intended for transfer and does not count toward graduation.  Students must achieve a “C” or better to advance to COM 101.  Prerequisite:  A locally administered writing placement test or satisfactory scores on the ACT, COMPASS or ASSET writing tests will be used to place students in this course.    5 credit hours.

**COM 101  English Composition.  Students learn the writing process, including prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and editing.  Students learn to distinguish between fact and opinion, to support opinions with facts, and to organize ideas in a logical manner.  Students write a variety of assignments that include the rhetorical modes.  Basic components of research are also included.  Prerequisite:  Satisfactory scores on ACT, ASSET, COMPASS, or local writing tests, or a grade of “C” or better in COM 096.  3 credit hours.

COM 102  English Composition II:  Writing the Research Paper.  This course is a continuation of composition stressing writing as a process designed to teach students to find and use library and online resources, to analyze reading materials, to organize and present information accurately, and to cite research sources correctly.  A research paper and several shorter writings are required.  Prerequisite:  COM 101.  3 credit hours.

**COM 110  Honors Composition.  This course is open only to those students who demonstrate above average ability on a department-approved placement test.  The course is designed to offer a more challenging and rewarding experience for such students.  Emphasis in the course is on development of ideas through the use of rhetorical patterns.  Students will read widely and intensively and write a research paper.  Prerequisite:  Above average scores on a department-approved placement test.  3 credit hours.

**COM 111   Oral Communications.  A study and practice of interpersonal and group communication skills focusing upon the development and improvement of communication.  Topics include verbal and nonverbal techniques, listening skills, professional presentations, conflict resolution, and group dynamics.  3 credit hours.

**COM 121  Public Speaking.  This course is designed to prepare the student to give speeches and oral presentations.  Course will include audience analysis, speech content and preparation, and speech delivery.  This course may be substituted for COM 111.  3 credit hours.

COM 130  Fundamentals of Effective Reading.  This course helps students improve their reading skills for specific technical career development.  Students will practice strategies for effectively reading a variety of texts related to a technical career.  Active and critical reading skills will be included.  2 credit hours.

COM 134  Effective and Critical Reading.  This course helps students develop their reading skills as a resource for career development and lifelong learning.  Methods for effectively reading a variety of challenging materials such as technical manuals and textbooks will be practiced.  Active and critical reading skills will be included.  3 credit hours.

COM 201   Occupational Communication.  The purpose of this course is to teach the student to write a variety of business documents in an effective and appropriate style.  In addition, students will prepare and deliver oral presentations relating to the work place.  Prerequisite:  COM 101 or COM 110 with a grade of “C” or better.  3 credit hours.

COM 211  Technical Writing.  This course covers the organization and writing of technical documents including proposals, memos, letters, reports, instructions, and electronic communications.  Other topics include audience analysis, multiculturalism, graphics, and page design, and ethical and legal considerations. Prerequisite:  COM 101 or COM 110 with a grade of “C” or better.  3 credit hours.

COM 290   Introduction to Theatre.  This course offers an introduction to the theatrical productions and performance.  Topics will include acting, directing, and critique of a live performance.  The course will also introduce basic terminology, history, script analysis, and technical aspects of theater.  3 credit hours.

COM 292  Introduction to Theatre II.  This course continues the study begun in COM 290 and offers an introduction to the theatrical concerns of acting, voice, and movement.  Topics will include listening, improvisation, dramatic reading, monologues, and duet acting.  Field trips to attend various theatrical performances will also be included.  Prerequisite:  COM 290.  3 credit hours.

COM 299  Special Topics in Communications.  Special Topics in Communications (COM) is open to students who have reached advanced standing but wish to continue further study and practice in communications.  Projects may be undertaken in any area related to communications or a combination of communications and the student’s major with credit hours determined by the level and amount of involvement.  The minimum involvement required for one credit is 30 contact hours.  The specific topic(s), objectives, plan of instruction, and evaluation criteria must be documented in the syllabus; approved by the Department/Division Chair; and filed in the Academic Records Office.  Students may complete more than one Special Topics course, provided that the credits earned in this manner do not exceed a total of four (4) credits.  1-4 credit hours.

**This course meets the oral and written communication general education requirement.

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